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How to Pick the Right Wedding Videographer

Everybody knows that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Although we cannot turn back the clock, a wedding video will allow you to revisit these cherished moments time and time again.

husband and wife on their wedding day hugging

A wedding videographer will capture all the special moments of this occasion through video. From the ceremony, vows, first dance, speeches, and everything in between, there’s no better keepsake. 

Choosing the right person to create this lasting memory can be very overwhelming. In this blog, we will share the top factors to look for in a wedding videographer. 

How to Find a Wedding Videographer & Video Inspiration

With the popularity of wedding photographers and videographers, searching for one can seem like a sensory overload. 

Start by researching wedding videographers in the area of your wedding venue. Two of the best research methods are through recommendations and online search. 

Ask friends, family, or wedding planners for recommendations. The wedding venue may have a list of recommended wedding videographers as well.  

Online research is very helpful when looking at reviews and past wedding video work. Use your trustworthy search engine to look up “wedding videographers in (location)”. Wedding websites like WeddingWire and the Knot can be especially helpful for finding reviews and advice for everything wedding.

Find Wedding Video Inspiration 

Dedicate time to look at wedding videos and create a list of ones that catch your eye. This is a helpful way to gather inspiration, spark ideas, and create a vision for your dream wedding. 

When it comes time to meet with videographers, you can share with them the inspiration and see whether they can produce something similar. 

What to Look for in a Wedding Videographer

As you look for the perfect wedding videographer, it’s crucial that you choose one that matches your needs and overall vision. 

Let’s go over some factors you should consider to make an informed decision. 

1. Experience & Strong Portfolio

When choosing a wedding videographer, experience is everything. It’s important that they are extremely familiar and comfortable with filming weddings. They need to understand angles and shots, know how to work with photographers and vendors, and not take away from the celebration.  

A professional wedding videographer will have a robust portfolio that will highlight their experience and quality of work. You can review wedding videographer portfolios on their website and social media pages.  

Take notes of their video style, quality of video, and editing. The right wedding videographer will have a portfolio of videos that align with your vision.  

2. Positive References & Reviews 

You can learn a lot about a videographer’s credibility from their past clients. No matter how well someone looks online and on the phone, past clients can share more about their real life experience working with them. 

Always ask wedding videographers for a list of references from past couples and reach out. Ask them about the videographer's work quality, professionalism, communication, and if they would recommend them.

3. Style That Aligns With Yours

Style is the overall aesthetic and approach a videographer uses in the process of creating a video. 

There are a range of wedding videography styles to choose from including: 

  • Documentary

  • Cinematic

  • Traditional

  • Storytelling

  • Vintage

  • Short form

Different wedding videographers will have a different wedding video style. Think about the wedding video you want and pick a videographer who can make it happen. 

4. Wedding Videographers Cost is in Your Budget

A wedding video is an investment, so it’s important to consider how much you are willing to spend on one. The cost of hiring a wedding videographer can vary widely depending on location, experience, demand, and the services offered. 

Videographers typically offer a number of wedding video packages varying in price and services. 

Packages and prices vary depending on the: 

  • Hours of coverage

  • Number of videographers 

  • Number of wedding events 

  • Special add-ons like extended coverage, higher-end editing, raw footage, highlights reels, etc. 

  • Travel (if far away)

During research, take notes of the different prices and packages of potential videographers. 

Make sure you understand what you will be getting for the price quoted and if they match your budget and video needs. 

5. Communication & Trust with Videographer 

Your wedding videographer should be an effective communicator and someone you can trust. It’s important that you and the videographer are on the same page when it comes to your vision, demands, and overall logistics of the wedding day. 

A good videographer will always listen to what you want and need, while also using their expertise. They should provide you with all the details and ensure your peace of mind by taking care of everything.

After making a list of potential wedding videographers, schedule a meeting with them either in person or online. This is the time for you to communicate your vision, ask questions, and get a sense of whether they are the right fit. 

Questions to Ask Wedding Videographer

When meeting with potential wedding videographers, it’s important to ask all the right questions. Below, we’ve provided a list of questions to ask regarding experience, pricing, style, and overall logistics. 


  • Tell me about your videography background

  • How many weddings have you filmed?

  • Have you ever filmed at my wedding venue or one that is similar?

  • Do you have experience working with photographers and wedding planners?

  • Do you use high quality video equipment?

  • Do you have a drone?

  • Do you edit your own films?

  • Do you have references you can share with us?


  • Can you tell me more about your pricing / packaging options?

  • Do you require a deposit?

  • What is the most popular package you offer?

  • How many hours have past couples hired you for?

  • What is your cancellation policy?


  • What’s your videography style?

  • Can you talk about your video style and storytelling approach?

  • Can you share more about your creative and filmmaking process?

  • My wedding video vision is … Are you able to bring my vision to life?

  • How do you get your couples relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera?


  • Are you available on our wedding day?

  • Is our input needed? 

  • How many people will be filming with you?

  • What do you need from us following up to the wedding day?

  • When will you be arriving at the wedding? 

  • What happens if your equipment isn’t working properly? 

Post-Wedding Deliverables  

  • When should we expect to receive the wedding video?

  • How will you share the video with us?

  • What happens if a client is unhappy with their video?

Looking For Someone to Capture Your Special Day?

We hope this guide helps you in your journey of finding the perfect wedding videographer. 

If you're looking for a wedding videographer in the Atlanta, GA & Sandy Springs, GA area, consider Kelly Rose Productions. We are a video production company and wedding videographer, here to capture every precious moment of your wedding day! 

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