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Corporate Video Ideas to Showcase Your Business

It has become more important than ever for businesses to have video content in their marketing and corporate strategy. Video is a powerful marketing tool that can engage viewers, raise brand recognition, and establish trust and credibility.  

With this rise of video marketing, companies have invested more in corporate video production. Corporate videos use visuals and storytelling to promote a company's brand, products, and services to their audience effectively. 

There are numerous corporate video ideas to select from. The choice depends on the message or aspect of your business that you wish to convey to your audience. Consider the specific message or information you want to communicate. Tailor your video content to best suit the needs and interests of your target audience.

 Are you looking to film a product launch? Are you trying to visually explain your product or service? Maybe you want to create an engaging onboarding video for new employees.

We’ve created a list of top corporate video ideas that will elevate your marketing strategy. 

Types of Corporate Videos

1. “About Us” Videos 

The more a buyer likes and knows about a company, the more they are willing to buy a company's products and services. 

Consumers are looking for authenticity in a company, and why they do what they do. They want to know the company’s values, brand, and team, which can only go so far with words and images on a website. 

And what better way to show who a company is than through video!

An About Us video helps viewers understand who the company is, what they offer, and why they do what they do. It captures the true essence of a brand by showing the faces and culture that makes up the company. About Us videos are raw, honest, and authentic. 

In 1-3 minutes, About Us corporate videos can include: 

  • An interview or narration from the owner, CEO, or another important team member

  • Tour of the company HQ office, facilities, factory, etc. 

  • Behind the scenes footage of business processes

  • Visuals of the products/services 

  • Visuals of company interaction with a customer 

You can utilize About Us videos on the company website, shared on social media, and sent to potential clients. 

2. Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos help consumers understand more about a company’s products, services, or ideas. Depending on the business, company’s can use explainer videos for different purposes. 

  • Live Action Explainer Video is ideal for businesses selling a physical product or service. A live-action explainer video can be done with a team expert explaining key features, value, and purpose. 

  • Animation Explainer Video works best with businesses selling software or an online service. An animation explainer video uses graphic design and a narrator to simplify more complex information.  

  • Whiteboard Explainer Video is using narration and hand-drawn visuals to walk someone through a specific idea or problem. Whiteboard videos are ideal for companies wanting to educate their target audience on something related to their business.  

A successful explainer video should be simple and between 1-2 minutes. Relevancy is extremely important in explainer videos. To connect with your audience, address a common issue and make sure it relates to your business to be most effective. 

3. Product Demo Video 

Product demo videos are videos that demonstrate how a product works. Product demos show what a product is and share important details about its key functions, features, and benefits. 

Depending on the product, there are many different ways to produce a product demo. 

For physical products, it’s best to use live-action video. Focus on high-quality producing a high-quality video to best showcase the product.  For intangible products like software or an online service, animation or screen recording videos are ideal. Choose a narrator that is high energy and engaging.  

A product demo video should be between 1-2 minutes long or longer depending on what the product is. 

4. Customer Testimonial Videos 

Testimonial videos are interview-style videos of satisfied customers sharing their experience and feedback about the company's product or services. 

Before buying something, many people like to read reviews and testimonials from previous customers of the company. By creating a customer testimonial video, consumers will get to hear and see real customer experiences. 

Customer testimonial videos can help build trust and credibility with your audience - way more than a Google Review can! 

A great testimonial video will focus on the customer sharing their story. Customers share their problem, how the company's product or service solved it, and how they benefited from it. 

As consumers become more reliant on reviews, testimonial videos can do extremely well with generating leads. 

5. Event Highlight Videos

Event highlight videos capture important moments at an event a company is attending or 


Some company events you can make a highlight video about include: 

  • Product/Service/Campaign Launch Party 

  • Fundraiser or philanthropic event 

  • Conference or educational forum

  • Industry Award Ceremony 

  • Corporate Event 

  • Company team building event

Event videos are a great way to interact with your audience and keep them informed of what your company is up to. However, not all company events are worth the time and money to record. Film company events that your audience will like and find interesting. 

6. Case Study Videos 

Case study videos highlight real-life examples of how a company’s products or services have benefitted a client or customer - showcasing your most successful projects in an engaging way! 

The videos feature interviews with customers discussing their experiences. They discuss the business problems they faced and how the company's product or service helped them solve those problems. The videos should also show successful data to support their claims. This additional information helps to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the product or service. 

All in all, case study videos are an effective way for businesses to showcase real-world evidence of how they bring value to their customers/clients.

7. Social Media Videos 

Video has shown to drive social media engagement more effectively than any other type of social media content. 

Social media videos capture attention quickly, share a message concisely, and encourage engagement from their audience. However, not every social media platform equals or serves the same audience.

A company must choose social media platforms that they know will capture their audience’s attention. 

So what type of videos should you create depending on the platform? 

  • TikTok is all about being short and concise with their time choices of 15 seconds, 60 seconds, to 10 minutes. TikTok is a platform where users want entertaining and relatable content. Trends are huge, where TikTok users create dances, memes, and challenges that go viral within the community. More informational content is also on the rise with how-to’s and tutorial videos. 

  • Instagram is for short yet more visually appealing content. Unlike TikTok, these videos perform better when it’s high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Instagram Stories are a bit more authentic where people can post as many as they want without crowding their followers' feeds. Stories are a good way to share behind-the-scenes, product previews, and repost user content on social media platforms. 

  • Facebook is another platform that prefers shorter videos under 2 minutes. This platform is for posting informative how-to and tutorial videos, as well as entertaining content that captures attention. Facebook Live is a great way to have more real-time interaction with followers. 

  • Twitter, or X, is popular for shorter videos, around 30 seconds or less. Content that performs well on this platform include trending topics, current events, memes, or quick announcements and promotions. 

  • LinkedIn is all about professional and educational content. This platform works best for B2B marketing and sharing thought leadership content. Business’s use LinkedIn to share insights, industry trends, and credibility in your field. 

8. FAQ Videos 

A customer will always have questions before purchasing a product or service.

FAQ videos are a good way to answer customer questions in more detail than a FAQ page. It also helps provide additional information that may be missing. 

FAQ videos will feature a narrator that will address each question and give a short and concise answer. Companies should choose someone confident in front of a camera and knowledgeable about the company, products/services, and topic. This person could be a company leader, someone on the sales team, a product specialist, or a paid actor. 

9. Company Culture Videos 

For businesses looking to improve their recruitment efforts, it’s important for them to show off their company culture. Company culture videos share an in-depth look into a company’s values, employees, and work environment. 

Company culture videos can feature various content including: 

  • Interview with company employees, recruiters, and managers sharing their experiences and why they enjoy where they work. 

  • Footage of company employees in action whether in a meeting, working on a project, etc. 

  • Tour of the office/factory to offer potential candidates a look into the work environment.

  • Footage from company events (conference, corporate party, office event, etc.)

This video is great to have on a company's career page and LinkedIn profile. For recruiters, this is a great piece of content to share with potential candidates. 

All in all, company culture videos are a creative way to attract top talent and boost company morale. 

10. Corporate Training Videos

Onboarding can be an overwhelming process for new hires, especially when getting up to speed on company protocols. Corporate training videos are a great way to inform and educate employees as well as sharing more about the corporate culture. 

Corporate training videos, while not the most exciting, can be an extremely effective learning tool for employees. This makes the onboarding process more interactive and engaging for employees. With effective training videos, your employees will be more capable and ready to hit the ground running after onboarding.

Looking for a Corporate Video Production Company?

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