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2024 Top Wedding Video Trends for the Modern Couple

Over the years, wedding videography has become an essential part of capturing the bride and groom’s special day. What was once the simple, home video style video your parents show on anniversaries, is now a cinematic masterpiece that captures every moment and detail of the wedding day.

For the modern couple, it can be a bit overwhelming with the endless options of wedding videographers and styles to choose from. To help with navigating the struggles of picking out wedding video inspiration, we’ve put together a list of the top wedding video trends in 2024 for the modern couple. 

Top 6 Wedding Video Trends

1. Drone Footage

Wedding videographers now include drone footage in their packages. This allows them to capture stunning aerial views of the bride and groom and showcase the venue in a unique way. 

Drones can provide unique views of the newlyweds, capturing their special moments from a birds-eye view. It allows for shots that showcase the beauty of the venue and surrounding landscape that traditional cameras simply cannot. 

The use of drones also adds a modern and dynamic element to the traditional wedding video, creating a more immersive and memorable viewing experience for the couple and viewers.

drone footage of outdoor wedding venue

2. Cinematic Storytelling

Cinematic and storytelling-focused wedding videos have become extremely popular among the modern couple.  Cinematic storytelling captures the emotions and important moments of a wedding day. This is done using film techniques like music, sound effects, and carefully planned shots. 

The excitement before the wedding, the emotional vows, and the happy dancing at the celebration are all part of this video. Each moment is designed to create lasting memories and celebrate the love between the couple. 

What’s so special about this style wedding video is that it creates a narrative arc that goes beyond simply documenting. It weaves together the couple’s journey, the build-up to the wedding, and the highlights of the day into a beautiful love story. 

For couples choosing a more cinematic-focused wedding video, they should work closely with their videographer to share their vision for the video, such as the style, music, and the moments they want captured.


3. Documentary Style 

For couples wanting a more natural and real-life depiction of their wedding, documentary style is the perfect choice. 

Documentary style wedding videos capture the more authentic and candid moments of the wedding. This style of wedding video is often longer and follows the order of events, giving couples the chance to relive their special day. 

The videographer will focus on shooting the wedding day, as it is. This involves filming the entire wedding ceremony and reception, capturing the couple's interactions, and getting some behind-the-scenes footage. 

4. Intimate Shots 

It's important to focus on the real and emotional moments that couples share on this day. To reflect that, wedding videos are beginning to show more intimate shots of the bride and groom. 

Intimate shots are a way to capture the genuine and true feelings couples have, and ones they can look back on forever. The groom tears up as his bride walks down the aisle. The joy of feeding each other cake. These moments make the day truly special.

Some trending intimate shots couples can include in their wedding video include: 

  • First Looks 

  • Pre-Wedding activities

  • Father of the Bride giving his daughter away

  • Emotional speeches 

  • First dances 

  • Moments on the dance floor 

The list of intimate moments can go on and on. At the end of the day, it’s all about the couple and what intimate moments they want to have captured forever. 

5. Highlight Videos  

In addition to the wedding video, some couples now prefer a shorter film of highlights from the wedding film. 

Many videographers can make shorter wedding videos that highlight the most special moments from the day. Some create a highlights reel for couples before finishing the full wedding video, allowing them to see a preview. 

For couples who prefer shorter videos, having an additional video to share with loved ones is a nice touch. 

6. Social Media-Friendly Edits 

Many wedding videographers provide a social media-friendly video that can be easily shared and viewed on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These shorter, more condensed videos are perfect for sharing the highlights of your special day with those who couldn't attend in person. 

Wedding videos made for social media are a modern and easy way to share your special day with friends and family. Plus, it's a fun way to relive the best moments of your wedding day over and over again. 

Ask your videographer for a social media-friendly edit of your wedding video to easily share your wedding memories. This will make it simpler for you to share your special day with friends and family online. 

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