What to Expect During the Video Production Process

This is the "get down to business" phase of the video production process. At this time we discuss the parameters of what it will take to make your video happen. This starts with an initial meeting to scout the location of your shoot and negotiate a contract.
A second meeting to will take place to write and plan for your shoot day (or time for production company to write, plan and to obtain approval by email). Instructions will be given for any necessary preparation on the part of clients to get things ready for the shoot.
Preparing for Your Shoot:
  • Make sure everyone to be filmed is notified of a time to be there (preferably 30-60 minutes early)
  • Prepare the room or area to be used for filming (cleaning up an office, removing personal items, landscaping, etc.)
  • Assure waivers are signed for anyone appearing on screen.
  • Give instructions for any special attire to be worn (company shirts, business suits, theme outfits, etc.)
  • Clear any special permissions for use of a building, public area or high-security rooms.
*A company lead or contact person is highly advised to work with us as a liaison for the shoot. 
Filming for most video projects is using 1 to 2 days of filming, however it can take more depending on the details of the project scope. Production will include capturing footage and directing talent, as well as makeup, two cameras, sound and lighting depending on the need.
This is where the magic happens. During this process we will perform the video editing, add graphics, record narration and add any musical soundtracks. This is the time we manage footage and do any editing to script. During this time if any color correction or sound design is required we will handle this as well. Once the finished product meets our strict quality standards,  we will render and export the video files into the format of your choice.

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