Why Your Atlanta Business Needs a Corporate Video

Corporate videos can be used for so many different reasons. Because they can make such a lasting impression it is important they are high quality and customized for your business. Video can open the door to so many opportunities for a business, small or large. Video most importantly can increase sales. 50% of all people that viewed an online video went on to make a purchase. There are many different types of videos that can help boost your business.

In general, corporate videos can, help recruit new employees, promote the company culture to inspire current employees, market your products or brand, train employees or management, and tell the history of the business, but the benefits extend much further than that.

Benefits of Corporate Video

  • Video is a cost effective business tool – It’s cheaper than printing and can be shared and reused for free.

  • Corporate video has become the best medium for communication in the business world and is growing in popularity.

  • Its reach is limitless because it can be shared easily and people from all over the world can see it and get to know your business organically and without an additional cost.

  • Video is multipurpose. One video can be used for training and then be cut down into a promo, demo, or informational video as well.

  • Every size business can utilize video successfully - from start-ups to corporations.

  • Corporate video can showcase your company by creating and reinforcing a company’s image and packing together your most important information so viewers can quickly understand who you are and what you do.

  • It enriches your website experience since it gives viewers a break from the text and something to engage with.

  • Video can increase your search engine page rank. Google loves video and owns YouTube. Due to its algorithm, having a video on your website boosts your position on the search engine results for keywords in your industry and gets more traffic to your website and social media sites.

  • People buy from who they like, so putting a face or voice with a company via video will help potential customers connect and trust your business.

  • Corporate video creates an online presence for your business. Since the majority of consumers are online it is important to be present there, and video allows them to easily find you giving you more exposure.

  • Videos create a connection and encourage engagement. By giving them an inside look or a piece of company history it provides a personal experience that drives action and can encourage and spread specific emotions related to your branding.

  • Corporate video helps explain, especially difficult topics in complex industries. It increases people’s understanding of a product by 74%.

  • People trust people more than they trust businesses. Providing video testimonials allows them to hear it from the horse’s mouth and makes your business seem more credible, increasing the likely hood of them buying from you.

  • When online, you don’t get a face-to-face interaction with a customer, so a corporate video provides a similar experience to virtual shoppers.

  • Video helps people remember or recall things better. 80% of people remember the videos they see over a blog or text they read.

  • It can be included in email which has lead to a 2-3x increase in click-through rate, 75% decrease in subscriber opt-outs and 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion.

  • Corporate videos can help build a relatable brand by relating a face or voice to your business, which, scientifically builds trust with your audience which makes it easier to sell to them.

  • Video has been deemed the most efficient method for delivering your message.

Save Money and Time, While Increasing Sales with Kelly Rose

When it comes to choosing the right type of video and creating a high quality product that matches your marketing needs, Kelly Rose Productions offers unique solutions custom to your business. Whether your marketing need is a corporate video, educational video or social media video, we can bring your ideas to life. Not only is our team skilled in the latest industry techniques, but we also have the creativity to communicate your message with passion and energy to motivate your audience to take action. For more information contact Kelly now or call at: (678) 783-3562.

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