"Why do I need a Video Producer?"

"Why do I need a video producer?" I get asked this question a lot! I've even had clients directly say they don't need my producing skills, they just need me to shoot the footage and edit it together for them. Well, that certainly makes my job easier, but it won't make your video project turn out better 99% of the time. And I need my clients to be happy with the finished product! That is what they are investing their money in, and a successful, creative and dynamic video is the bread and butter of my company.

The truth of the matter is that a video producer sees things very differently than someone who is just a videographer or video editor. And I am not implying that videographers and video editors are not amazing professions, in and of themselves, because they are! I am just trying to explain that the video producer's eyes see the project differently. Their job is to see the big picture looking on from a distance, along with a close up view of every single detail. Their job is to make sure that the project runs smoothly from beginning to end, and that the finished project is what you need instead of what you think you want.

A videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and/or video production, recording moving images and sound via film, video or digital.

A video editor is a technically inclined individual involved with the post-production of video production. Their responsibilities include decisions about the selection and combining of shots into sequences, and the addition of sound effects and music to ultimately create a finished project.

A video producer works as a coordinator in all the different aspects of a video’s production. The producer will write or help develop a script, meet with clients, create a budget and schedule, hire talent and a crew and determine all of the necessary logistics, steps and locations to get the video done on budget and exceeding the clients expectations.

So, for example, you're looking to produce a marketing video for your company. You might have a set number of people and locations in mind for this video. You might have an idea of how you want the video shot and how you want it to look and feel. You may have an idea of how long you want the video to be, and you may know how much you want to spend.

But, the question is, do you know if what you're thinking is actually the best way to market your company? Have you thought about your audience in depth and figured out what they need to hear and see that will draw them in and hold their attention? Do you know how much you need to spend to get what you want or better yet what you need? Do you know how many people it will take to produce this video efficiently? Do you know how long it will take to shoot it: hours, days? Do you know what equipment is required to get the job done? Do you know how you want the video edited to get the look and feel you want? Do you know how to take an idea from it's very early stages all the way to a finished video that will truly exceed your greatest expectations?

If you've said yes to all of the above, you are a video producer and you just don't know it yet! A video producer's eyes see everything. A video producer's eyes see the finished product before it's ever made and know every single detail that it's going to take to get it done on time and in budget. A video producer's eyes are on the budget, the schedule, the script, the crew, the equipment, the talent, and most importantly the goal! The goal being to market your company in the most creative and dynamic way possible using video!

Now, I could go on and on with all the other aspects of what a video producer does and why you need one, a good one. When it comes to major motion pictures and television shows, there are a million different types of producers that go into making a major video project like that come together and become successful. But even for a small video project, at least one video producer should have their eyes on the prize!

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