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"There are five reasons why every financial advisor should use video to promote their firms and services on the Internet:

  1. Improve your rankings in the major search engines

  2. Generate more website traffic

  3. Increase visitors’ time on site

  4. Create more back links

  5. Generate more conversions (visitors to leads)"


A financial advisor video is a short video used for marketing companies or individuals that provide suggestions and render financial services to clients & customers based on their financial situation. Financial advisors video show the various problems faced by general customers and follows it up with financial solutions.


"Landing pages are great for generating leads and driving more traffic to your advisor website, as they allow for you to create specific and individualized messages for target groups and niches. You only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page." ( The landing page video needs to wow. It needs to be fast paced, eye-catching, and draws the viewer in. Storytelling at its best, this video should offer a genuine overview of your practice. Engage your audience right away by asking questions and finding ways to tease their curiosity. Approach your content from the point of view of a storyteller. What conflicts can your business find a solution for, and how can this be told in a captivating way? What needs and desires can you evoke from your audience? If you have a niche, be sure to call out that niche. Address what you do specifically and who you help. And high production quality matters, including high quality imagery, sound and music. High production value shows your prospective leads your attention to detail and that you care about investing in all aspects of your business.


"Depending on the study you read, anywhere from 70-80% (or more) of people research a company online before doing business with them."(

The biography video is a piece of marketing material that is priceless. It's absolutely essential that customers trust their financial advisor. What better way to build trust with customers that letting them get to know you better on a personal level before ever getting to meet you in person. Your bio page is likely to be the second most visited page on your website, besides your homepage. You can also use your bio video to help get press in the future, by incorporating your bio in a short publication or press release. Don't be afraid to talk about who you are outside of your current role, and possibly talk about several roles you've played in the financial industry. This will help to build your credibility. Humanize yourself by talking about your family, your hobbies, and your interests. You need to answer what makes you unique and what value you have that only you can provide.


You can do explainer videos on a variety of personal finance and planning topics. Explainer videos can be about financial literacy, what types of clients you serve, how managing money has become easier with the help of your advisors, financial solutions and offerings, and how you offer an integrated concept for finance services. An explainer video could show how you plan your finances for a better future. Or it could help the audience identify their hopes, dreams and financial expectations. Topics can range from how to protect yourself from identity theft, required minimum distributions, estate planning, insurance, social security benefits, and more.


"A customer testimonial is simply an existing user of your product or service sharing their experience with your brand. Customer testimonials take many forms, but the two most common are written testimonials and video testimonials. Video testimonials add an extra element of persuasiveness and personality, making them the way to go when you need to convince your audience to take action." ( Customer testimonial videos have to be authentic. You want the customer to share using his or her own words. Showing specific, tangible results is key because it will help your audience visualize how you can help them in a real way. Leading with emotion is also essential because your leads will have to have an emotional connection with you before ever buying from you. Make sure you feature different target customers. "According to Google’s statistics, 68 percent of consumers prefer product videos from “people like me,” which means you want to be mindful of using customer testimonials from all different types of customers to appeal to all of your prospective leads. The best product videos usually feature a wide variety of people of all different ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds." 


When it comes down to it, video is the way to go for financial advisors to build their prospective leads. Improve your rankings in the major search engines and generate more website traffic with video. Increase your visitors’ time on your site with video. Create more back links with video. And generate more conversions with video, more visitors equals more leads. Landing page videos, bio videos, short explainer videos and customer testimonials are some of the best types of videos for financial advisors. Bottom line, financial advisors need video!

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