Video Production for a Small Business on a Budget

Small businesses tend to have smaller budgets for video production. That's okay. There are lots of ways to keep production costs down and keep production quality high. By far the most important task to undertake is to put the proper planning into pre-production so that going into production and post-production there is a clear cut plan. This saves time, which equals saving money.

The best way to make a smaller budget work for you is to hire a small video production company. They invest large amounts of effort and determination into producing high quality image and sound because their work is the bread and butter of their company. Small video production companies will put the work into getting you the results you want because the final product is just as important to them as it is to you.


"This year the video marketing statistics show that 60% of people have started using videos on their landing pages. Why you should opt for video marketing is because the conversion is believed to increase by 80% in the coming months."

"According to the Cisco reports, more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021."

"According to the reports, 64% of the customers mostly buy a product after seeing the videos and 90% of the viewers are convinced to buy and make their buying decision strongly."

"The Aberdeen video marketing statistics reveal that the people who use videos attain 66% more leads each year."

"Recent research on mobile video marketing shows that within a span of 2 years, marketers have increased their spending by 95% on digital and mobile video content."



Pre-production should be 50% of the project or more if you're producing a project the right way. The reason being because production and post-production require the most amount of effort and time, which means money. In order to keep everything running on a tight schedule and budget, everything needs to be planned out accordingly. For instance, coming up with a set script or script outline ensures that when production day rolls around, you are ready to shoot the content that you need in the time allotted. If it's an interview, it's helpful to come up with interview questions ahead of time, and prep the talent with what the questions may be. In pre-production, you want to make sure you have all talent and location release forms signed. You also want to make sure you have the location scouted for proper equipment for lighting and sound, and to ensure you have the space needed to complete the shoot. You also want to have all talent, including any voiceovers, scheduled and ready to show up on shooting day.


One the of the best ways to save money on production is to shoot the content in the least amount of time required to get the job done right. That may mean that cutting content is necessary to make sure that you stay on schedule, and therefore budget. Shooting content in half a day is much more budget friendly than a whole day of production. So in order to cut costs, making sure that the script is able to be shot in the time scheduled is crucial. One full production day is cheaper than 2 full production days. The bottom line is the project may have to be modified to stay on schedule and on your smaller budget.


When it comes to post-production, one the most effective ways to cut costs is to stick to the script as much as possible. More changes equals more revisions, equals more time, equals more money. I typically provide 2 revision sessions for each of my projects. This gives the customer the chance to make last minute revisions at the end of the project, but that costs more money. One way to handle post-production is to stick to 1 set of revisions. The cheapest way to do it is to have a tight script or script outline and stick to it. No revisions equals less time, equals less money.


When it comes to small businesses, hiring a small video production company is the right way to go to keep to a smaller budget. Putting all your focus and energy into pre-production planning greatly saves cost when it comes to production and post. Shooting content in the least amount of time possible is a great way to save money on production. And keeping to the script or script outline as strictly as possible, with little to no revisions, will keep your post-production budget-friendly. There are ways for small businesses to get involved with video production on a smaller budget. Bottom line is that video is essential to small businesses long term success and growth.

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