Video Marketing's Impact on Sales

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Most Consumers Today Prefer Video

In today's fast-paced world, would you rather read information about a product/service or watch a video about that product/service? Personally, I would most definitely prefer to watch a video. Why watch a video versus reading information? I prefer to watch a 2-3 minute video that answers most of my questions, than to read paragraph after paragraph to find the information I'm looking for.

Video is engaging with the viewer, and appeals to people's logical and emotional side, versus reading which is purely analytical. Consumers are more likely to get excited about a product or service after watching a video. Why? Because they can see another's personal experience with that product/service, which teases their imagination and increases the viewer's feelings of desire and necessity to make that purchase.

Potential customers are 65% to up to 84% more likely to buy your product/service if you have video on your company website. On average, you will receive 4 times as many leads on your website as a result of video marketing. 50% of website visitors take further action in some form after watching a video. Just one video is equivalent to 1.8 million words or 3600 webpages of information. Most customers today would prefer to watch a video.

Best Ways to Impact Sales with Video

1) Landing Page Video: a video introducing the company itself and presenting the brand in a general way. Landing pages with video make website visitors stay on the site twice as long and visit twice as many pages versus those who don’t see video.

2) Profile Videos about Founder/Employees: a personal video about people makes your company relatable in a friendly way. It brings back the nostalgic feeling of going to the same restaurant/store over and over to interact with that person that knows your name and makes you feel good. If you have profile videos about the company founder and various top-level employees, consumers have a chance to get to know your company intimately without ever meeting anyone in person.

3) Product/Service Launch Videos: a focused video about a specific product or service enables customers to consume information in a fast and easy way. They also may get to see how that product works in action. This makes the product a 3D real object, as opposed to a 2D picture. They get to see and hear their questions answered, something that reading alone can't provide.

4) How-To Videos: a how-to video about the product or services your company offers will help customers feel more at ease before making their purchase. If they can see how a service is performed or understand the various steps/procedure of using a new product, it builds trust and confidence in not only that product/service but also the company itself.

The Future of Video Marketing for Sales

As video marketing progresses in the next few years, their will be a change in the way company's sell their products/services. The focus of video marketing will be on segmented personalizations to sell to specific demographics. Just as video entertainment is focused on a target audience, video marketing will focus on customized targeting. For example, selling to a specific local area, or offering real time deals, weather and even the time of day.

Video marketing currently has a huge impact on sales, and those statistics will continue to grow each day. Marketing is important for any line of business, and now video marketing is especially important for any line of business. In order to create professional, high quality, effective and engaging content, call Kelly Rose Productions today to get a quote! We will provide dynamic and innovative video marketing that has the more than likely potential to greatly improve your company's sales.

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