Video Brings Guests to the Restaurant Table

Food-based television networks inspire people to cook on their own, but the results rarely match up to those of the professionals on TV. As a restaurant, your menu items exceed the expectations set by food-based TV networks, so why not showcase your work with video?

Your Trade is an Art: Display It with Video

Using video to promote your restaurant is more effective now than ever. Video-based marketing is a proven method for luring in customers of all trades and professions, and the numbers don’t lie.

Here are a few ideas of what kind of videos you can create to bring guests to the restaurant table.

  • Cooking advice. Guests will always be perplexed as to how a restaurant gets its chicken to be so tender or its pasta perfectly al dente. Tip your hand a little as to how your food is cooked and prepared to perfection, but don’t reveal too much; post just enough to keep your guests coming for more without giving away your secrets. Magicians wouldn’t be mesmerizing and whimsical if they bared their tricks.

  • Meet the staff. Transparency is an excellent trait in the restaurant business. Guests are always curious about a restaurant’s cleanliness, in what way food is prepared, and who’s making their meal. Video is the most effective way to tell a story, so the best way to showcase your staff, their personalities, and their culinary talents is through video.

  • Video menu. Consumers love visuals, especially engaging ones. Through the depth of video, go through your menu options—extensively or just the highlights. Moreover, a video of your menu has a higher chance of getting shared over a PDF file of the menu.

  • Holiday well-wishes. Be personable. Being strictly business might be somewhat of a gripe for some guests. Extend your holiday greetings from your restaurant family to your guests’ families. This isn’t limited to the winter holidays; be on the forefront of your guests’ mind during every holiday.

  • Introduce new menu items. One picture and a brief description of a dish might not serve it justice. Give your new menu item the platform it deserves: video. Show every savory detail of the new, juicy steak you’re about to implement. Develop a craving and allure in your guests to have them bursting through the doors.

  • Narrate a story. Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1.8 million words. Draw in your audience with a brief story through video. Pluck a few heartstrings by evoking curiosity out of guests. This could include ideas such as guest testimonies, exclusive events, or a display of how guests could best use your services—e.g. catering services and benefits programs.

The best quality, angles, and editing are needed for successful video marketing. Kelly Rose Productions can add flavor to your business by nourishing your video production needs.

Contact us today at 678-783-3562 or for more information. Visit our YouTube channel to see some of our work, and be sure to check us out on Facebook for more insights.

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