5 Effective Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Not many real estate agents are using video or doing it well, so utilizing video marketing is a huge opportunity to set you apart as an agent. Videos allow you to connect with clients and leads more personally before you even shake their hand. 60% of buyers want and expect to see a video of the home they’re looking at online and homes listed with video get 4x the inquires than homes listed without video. 73% of sellers are more likely to list with an agent using video to market themselves versus agents without video. You can clearly see, videos sell homes; it is as simple as that. Listings using real estate video marketing tactics receive 403% more inquires than those who don’t. By putting your real estate videos on your website you can increase your page rank on Google search results. An average website visit without video is 50 seconds, but a website with video has a visit lasting about 5 minutes. Any video you create is shareable, which can help set you apart and extend your reach, generating possible new leads.

5 Effective Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

When people think of real estate videos most think of a video walk-through of a listing, but there is far more marketing potential than just that. Here are some great ideas for types of videos you can use to enhance your brand and generate more leads.

  1. Testimonial Videos: These videos are short interviews with colleagues, mortgage lenders, buyers, home inspectors, attorneys, etc. that provides a first person view into how great it is to work with you. These videos, when kept honest and authentic, can help generate new leads.

  2. Informational Videos: These real estate videos provide more value to clients by informing them on common real estate topics and questions as well as “How To’s”. This lets viewers learn at their own pace while extending your reach and building your reputation. 54% of consumers want to view “How To” videos on the buying and selling process, personal tricks, advice on complicated topics, stories, etc.

  3. Listing Videos: In real estate, this is the most common type of video. They show off your listing in an attractive and engaging way helping draw in new leads. In these videos, you should highlight what makes the property unique and help the viewer envision themselves in the home, meaning remove any personal items from current tenants. These videos give visitors a feeling of being in the home and a flow of the personality the property and 70% of consumers want to view listing videos and tours.

  4. About Me/Agent Profile Videos: These videos allow home buyers to get to know you as a real estate agent and as a person. People want to work with and trust real people. Within the video, talk about experience, hobbies, family, success, why you got into real estate, funny stories etc. Highlight what makes you stand out, pinpoint your specialty, and help the viewers connect more personally to you. 25% of consumers want to view videos about their agent or the company

  5. Neighborhood Videos: We all know location is everything. You don’t just buy the house, you buy the neighborhood. These videos sell home buyers on their future neighborhood with a quick video tour of local hot spots and scenery. You can add a few testimonials from actual residents or business owners to make it feel personal and authentic. Of all real estate videos, this is the video most in demand. 86% of consumers want to view community videos to educate themselves.

Real Estate Video Tips and Tricks

  • Videos should be on YouTube first and foremost; from there they can be shared across all other social media channels. Google owns YouTube so hosting videos here can help with page rank.

  • Videos should also be displayed on your real estate website.

  • Keep your videos focused local. Community content holds the most value. This helps you appear like you are a local expert and gain more referrals in that neighborhood.

  • Have a video schedule if you plan to release multiple videos. It is recommended to create one video a week, with the topics varying week by week.

  • Craft your videos around your target audience. Use the proper language, highlight what they are interested in and use the right content and humor.

  • Keep your company branding and logos subtle.

  • Put important information in text on the video, and put the street address in the video title.

  • Keep the videos to less than 4 minutes when possible to keep the attention of viewers.

  • Wide angle lenses tend to be able to capture the space of the rooms in a house best for tour/walk through videos.

  • Create an intro that can be used for multiple videos to help build name, brand and face recognition

  • Include a call to action at the end of the video – “call now”, “click the link to see the full listing” or “visit our website”.

Kelly Rose Productions Will Help You Sell

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