The Weather Channel: How my new professional experiences are shaping me into a better business owner

So I just started freelancing for the Weather Channel about a month ago. I am not giving up my business because I love what I do, and I love my customers! However, I needed to build a more steady stream of income to continue to pursue my passion projects along the way.

Today I am not going to discuss the company The Weather Channel, I'm going to talk about how my professional experiences at the company have impacted me as a business owner. Working for another company only makes you better at running your business, as long as you're learning from your mistakes and seeing where your weaknesses lie and where your strengths can make your business that much more successful.

Being around other creative minds in the business is inspiring! I have worked with people that have worked for Turner Broadcasting, CNN, major motion pictures or television programs that have won Oscars and Emmys. I have also worked with people that have worked for the Weather Channel for years, and I have worked with other freelancers who also own their own video production companies. There is something to being around other creative minds and creative energy that makes me more creative. It feeds my creative soul to be around other creatives.

By being in a real newsroom, or "weather room" if you prefer, I have learned that there is something to working quickly and efficiently. Sometimes things need to be done fast. However, despite speed being important and crucial to getting the latest information released to the public, the content has to be professional, relevant and accurate. And proper sources must be credited. It's much easier to make good content when you have unlimited time and resources. However, does anyone ever have unlimited time and resources? I know I don't. So I am learning to work faster and more efficiently, and I do believe this will save my business time and money while being able to provide shorter deadlines for deliverables, therefore continuing to keep my customers happy.

Every single day I work at the Weather Channel I am learning something new. I am constantly becoming a better editor and producer by telling stories through video on the daily. What I actually do is edit footage that is professionally shot by the Weather Channel in studio or on location, or editing footage from UGC (user generated content). Basically my job is to take the video, decide whether it is usable and will fit into that specific show's rundown for the day, and then make it air ready. So I fix the sound levels, I loop the footage if the video is too short, I add courtesies to any outside sources, and I basically make sure everything looks and sounds good. It's a super easy job, but it has to be done quickly, efficiently, accurately and well done in order for the footage to look good on air. The process is key to making all that happen, and I practice that process over and over every day I work. It has made me a better editor for sure.

I have also been able to see the value in having a group of freelancers working for your company. I've also seen the value in having actual employees work for you, and how they approach their work differently than most freelancers might. I realize that I want to expand my business, and the only way to do that is to invest in the man power and resources I need to get the job done right.

So I am trying my best every day to do a good job for The Weather Channel. It is exciting working for a big brand name. It is exciting working in a newsroom environment. It is exciting working for and with such an amazing group of talented professionals. I will continue to see the value in my opportunity to work for the Weather Channel. And I will continue to see where my weaknesses lie, what I can do to improve and how I can use my strengths to increase the value in my work and the way others feel about working with me and my company.

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