Shoot with Kelly Rose Productions

Let's talk about outside of my comfort zone! The shoot with Kelly Rose Productions was successful and fun, but not easy by any means. Why? Because I personally prefer to be BEHIND THE CAMERA!!! It was not a comfortable experience for sure, but I learned a lot!

Mostly I was hoping to build more compassion for my clients who are ordinary, everyday people, who simply want to represent their business in the best light possible. They aren't actors or models, and they don't sit in front of the camera on a daily basis. I don't want to just shove a camera in their face, and say action, and they're expected to perform. I want to show the proper compassion for my clients and their righteously deserved nerves. So I undertook what turned out to be something really fun.

We will see how it turns out in time. The videos are supposed to be promotional pieces for my company website and social media. I took a kind of behind-the-scenes approach to these videos. I'm not sure if my artistic ideas transformed into something interesting to watch or not, I'll leave that up to you. But no client of mine can say now, "you don't know how I feel," because now I honestly do!

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