Kelly Rose Business Video Tips for Launching a New Project

If your business isn’t utilizing video in your marketing strategy, you are missing out. There are so many different types of business videos that the marketing opportunities are endless. Video is often preferred by customers and our brains are wired to comprehend and enjoy motion. Our vision trumps all of our other senses.

Here are 15 tips to increase the likelihood of your business video being viewed, liked and shared:

  1. Define the Target Market First – Shape your video around their wants and needs and what you desire to convey about them. The concept and script should be created around this.

  2. Tell a Creative Story -Tap into human emotions by telling them a story that is informative and memorable. What makes you different? Have fun and loosen up – the audience will connect with and receive you better.

  3. Include a Call to Action – Video presents the opportunity to take an engaged audience and point them in the direction of the next step to help increase sales. A gentle reminder is always helpful.

  4. Utilize for all Channels – Sharing is caring. Once a video is produced sharing it across all marketing channels is important in increasing engagement, conversions and sales.

  5. Measure Results and then Adjust – Videos can be analyzed to see the views, traffic, comments, shares, etc. See what is working and adjust what isn’t.

  6. Have a Plan – Know exactly what you want to convey, where you’re filming, what to wear, and where are you distributing the video. Make sure you have a well written script and practice before the day of filming.

  7. Look at the Competition – Research the competition and identify what’s working and learn from mistakes so you don’t have to.

  8. Do Research – Identify and understand the keyword for your industry. Discover what customers are searching for and use those keywords in the title, description and video concept.

  9. Have a Clear Message – avoid using industry or corporate jargon. A successful business video is simple to understand and recall.

  10. Keep it Short – Attention spans are decreasing and 53% of people viewing business videos leave after one minute. So be concise and lead with the important stuff.

  11. Add Music – The right piece of music can provide an entertaining atmosphere and evoke emotions. The right song could be what helps viewers recall your video.

  12. Produce High Quality - This usually means hiring a professional who has high grade recording, sound and editing equipment.

  13. Use Real People – Viewers can tell when you’ve hired an actor. Use real employees or customers when possible to feel more authentic and personable. Humanize your brand.

  14. Make the Content Useful – How-to or informational videos for example, provide value to your customers and paint you as an expert and information source they can return to.

  15. Keep Focus – Emphasize the benefits not the features. People can make a connection to product benefits and they are what matter more than the features. Tell them how is it going to make their lives better?

Kelly Rose Productions is the Key to Success

When it comes to choosing the right type of video and creating a high quality product hat matches your business’ needs, Kelly Rose Productions can take care of you. With unique solutions custom to your business and a team that is trained in the ever changing industry techniques, we can provide a creative way to communicate your message and motivate your audience to take action. For more information contact Kelly now or call at (678) 783-3562.

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