The Five Types of Video Your Business Can’t Do Without

Types of Video Every Business Should Know

So we all know how popular video has become as an important tool in your marketing arsenal. But, when it comes to choosing the best types of video to satisfy your business needs, things can get a bit confusing. In business, video is a vital and highly effective marketing tool. And, let’s face it video is a really cool way to get your message across. Of course, we can be a bit partial when it comes to video production around here. Still knowing the five best video types for businesses can help you feel more comfortable when evaluating using video for your marketing plan.

The Five Types of Video for Your Business Marketing

The Corporate Video – Most often found on a company website, this video normally serves in two capacities as a company introduction and for brand recognition. The best corporate video (or commercial video) gives a brief overview of the company, their products or services and often provide some insights into their mission statement. While this video is usually a staple on the company website, other formatted versions may also find their way into social media marketing via YouTube and Facebook, as well as through newsletters.

The Product (or Services) Video – The product video, known in television terms as a commercial, has one purpose to call you to action. Most often that action is to make a purchase. While many times this video still will make its way onto the television market, more consumers are watching their videos on the internet. This makes perfect sense when you look at the latest stats that reflect 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video online.

And the proof is in the sales, when relatively unknown product, PooPourri launched its original product video in 2013 via the internet they quickly found themselves hitting viral gold. Within the first week the video had over 278,000 shares and now has over 39 million, yes that is million views, on YouTube.

The Training Video – Training videos have become crucial to not only providing customer service but to company operations. Training videos can bypass the customer frustration of product assemblies to provide simple, easy to follow steps that build good company-consumer relationships. For many businesses however, training videos have also provided more effective, efficient and easier to comprehend ways for human resource and employee training.

The Testimonial Video – Good Reviews sell your products and services. While written reviews are a good start, filmed testimonials build trust in your company. Filmed testimonials put a “real life” name and face to your products and services.

Social Media Video – Social Media has become a staple in the marketing industry and as it has evolved so has its embrace of video. Through the use of short “teaser” product and graphic videos, social media is quickly becoming the premier avenue for generating sales. Taking this one step further Facebook Live has stepped up their game to offer live streaming options for everything from training to product demonstrations to live audiences. But the use of video on social media is not stopping merely at marketing anymore. Just recently big name platforms Facebook and Snapchat have publicized their plans to move forward with producing actual video series on their platforms for streaming audiences wishing to kick the cable habit.

The Kelly Rose Productions Difference

When it comes to choosing the right type of video that can match your marketing needs, Kelly Rose Productions provides solutions to uniquely meet your business goals. Not only is our team skilled in the latest industry techniques, but we also have the creativity to communicate your message with passion and energy motivating your audience to action. For more information Contact Kelly Now or Call (678) 783-3562.

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