Different Types of Social Media Videos

Social media videos by nature are short and to the point. It's important to get straight to the point when telling your narrative. Social media videos are basically commercials. Commercial video is concise.


The how to video can be incredibly successful at captivating an audience. How to videos are some of the most sought after videos online. Everyone is charmed by a how to video. It's important to plan your video. What are some of the key points that your audience needs to remember? What topics will your video cover? What is the target video length?

Pick someone that has great knowledge of the techniques and procedures. Pick your location and determine budget and crew.

Start with the basics by introducing your speaker and a general outline of what you're going to cover. Show your how-tos and then summarize. Make it clear for your audience. You want the audience to connect to the learning style of your choosing. Intersperse photos and graphics throughout your video to keep the viewer engaged.

Make sure you spend the allotted time on pre-production, leaving time to fine-tune things. It can be helpful for the presenter to practice using cue cards or better yet a teleprompter. A teleprompter definitely takes some practicing. However, using a teleprompter can deliver premiere results to the end goal.


Interview style gives you the advantage of making that human connection. Question and answer sessions are a great way to hold a spectator's attention. You can either prepare ahead of time and have a host, or get real-time questions from an audience. Video can help break up training content and make it interesting. Putting a CEO on camera explaining their company mission and what they believe in is a powerful thing. This helps to create company and culture buy-in.

Keep your audience motivated by an industry expert on camera telling about their specific specialty. Create an emotional connection on screen. The best way to do that is with a customer testimonial. Not just for commercial use anymore, testimonials can be used for brand training and employee onboarding.


You can use live video easily to captivate your audience. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have all added live options for its customers to broadcast content. Just the fact you have a live audience versus a recorded taping makes them more likely to be larger and tuned in for longer.

Broadcast immersive moments, and share information your audience cares about. Establish credibility with live video because inherently it is easier to take at face value because you know it hasn't been changed in some way. People favor video that requires interaction and conversation. You can further enhance that interaction by addressing your viewers by name and responding to their comments in real time.


Product videos are an important part of any marketing strategy. Storytelling that details the problem and highlights your product as the solution is key to a successful product video. Keep it short and sweet, and highlight one spectacular feature. Provide information and value to your customers by taking a real life narrative and combining it with product functionality.

If a product is too difficult to explain in one video, make a series. Break it up into digestible pieces that an audience can easily watch as standalone videos or as a cohesive story about the product as a whole. Seeing is believing and a strong product video will do just that!


All that goes into making the video is revealed in the behind-the-scenes video. From the very beginning stages of development to the finality of the editing suite, behind-the-scenes videos allow your audience to take a secret look at all that is filmmaking.

Behind-the-scenes videos can attract business opportunities. Tell human stories. Show off the equipment being used. One of the best ways of showing how something is done is by showing how it's done on video. Every technical choice has a stylistic motivation behind it.

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