Tips to Finding The Creative Video Sweet Spot

Are You Working in The Creative Video Sweet Spot?

Being artists at heart finding the creative video “sweet spot” can sometimes be a bit of a far reach after a long editing session. Hitting us at the most inopportune time, we sometimes find ourselves wrestling over the continuity (storyline) of a video and the complex video production details (audio tracks, text fonts, lighting, etc.); becoming obsessive over the structure so much, that we have to take a step back.

Trying to find the creative video “sweet spot” is not only a video production company’s nightmare, but is often experienced by many companies, no matter what industry they may happen to work in. So the KRP team decided we would share a few tips on finding the creative video sweet spot in anyone’s daily business tasks.

Tips For Regaining Your Creative Mojo

Take a Break. Nothing can halt a company project quicker than stressing out. Whether your creativity is found in blog writing, video editing or simply putting together a business contract, you need to guard your momentum by taking a break when possible. Many corporate health coaches advise standing up once an hour and performing some desk exercises. Taking a short 5-10 minute break will not only help you to re-focus but can also improve your physical health.

Plan Ahead. Just because you feel you get great ideas under pressure, does not mean your team does. It is important especially when working on a team project, video or otherwise, to plan ahead. Stress and looming deadlines can be creativity killers for you and your teammates.

Plug In Some Tunes. While some offices may not allow employees to listen to music due to business restrictions, if in your home office, iTunes can be your best friend. Classical music is particularly good for increasing focus and calming stress.

Switch Up Your Tasks. Many “creatives” are often artistic multitaskers. If your work allows it try switching tasks when having a hard time focusing on a certain project. Often once you switch over to another task, the creative solution that has been holding you hostage previously will magically appear. Example: Take a break from video editing to research some music for audio needs or work on some script writing.

Make Your Space Your Own. Managers may cringe at this but, allowing employees to adapt their workspaces with a little, personal creativity pays off. Now we aren’t saying to turn your office cubicle into your own personal tiki bar, but a picture of your best furry friend and your favorite coffee mug can brighten your mood, making you more productive and creatively inspired.

Ask to Bring Your Favorite Tools. While sometimes companies may not have a lot of options for creative based software tools, it never hurts to ask. Providing your own tools mesh well with the technology and project needs, bringing your favorite laptop (with Adobe or Final Cut software) can greatly increase your productivity. If you are a writer and work better writing ideas down in a particular outline format first, speak up. The more comfortable you feel in your work tools and processes the more creative the output.

Kelly Rose Productions Embraces The Creative Video Sweet Spot

When it comes to video production services no one is more in tune with hitting their creative video sweet spot than Kelly Rose Productions. Trained in the latest video production software technology and skills, our team’s creativity abounds both behind and in front of the camera.

Whether your marketing need is a commercial video, fundraising video, educational video or social media video, we can bring ideas to life that will communicate your message passionately, energetically and with true magic. To find out how the KRP team can creatively meet your needs Contact Kelly Now or Call (678) 783-3562.

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