Consultants Reap Big Benefits with Video

Reap Big Benefits from Video

Video is an engrossing multimedium that can often be overlooked, but its advantages are undeniable especially for those in the consulting business. Consultants who embrace video as a business tool can experience great benefits from both marketing and messaging.

Consultants: Reach Out by Using Video

Consumers are drawn to the depth videos bring—including stunning visuals, immersive audio, and overall production quality. With the popularity and accessibility of sites like Facebook and YouTube, the vast viewership videos experience can increase brand recognition.

But why video? Why can’t other media likewise capture what video does? Video caters to two senses at once—sight and sound—whereas other media only capture one at a time. Pictures and text-only posts might suffice, but videos have an effectiveness like no other.

Below is just the tip of the iceberg in ways video furthers consultants.

1. Videos are personal. Consultants excel with one-on-one interactions, which works well for video. Social media posts that strictly have text or pictures don’t reveal and emphasize one of the bigger strengths of consultants: personality. Video allows individuals to extend through a device’s screen like no other medium allows. This can help with reputation and credibility.

2. They best communicate a message. We all know that sarcasm doesn’t translate well through text, but that’s true for a lot of other emotions. Your voice has inflections that can exhibit sincerity, emotion, and integrity. Additionally, mannerisms and facial expressions convey the unspoken communication that can be lost through text. The depth of video is not found in other media.

3. Videos are easily digestible. If you have an idea for a video, it’s probably because you have something you want to express that can’t be communicated in a short tweet. The amount of information that is packed into a video can’t be conveyed though an image or text-based post; likewise, the amount of information digested by the consumer via video is unmatchable.

4. They broaden your audience. Not only are videos shared across social media platforms, but they tap into a different audience that otherwise wouldn’t be reached—such as some mobile users or consumers who prefers video. Videos can help maximize your search engine optimization. Some consumers prefer searching for videos rather than articles; when someone searches for videos on your field of expertise—say health and wellness—and you don’t have one posted, the consumer would not be able to find you because they were exclusively searching for videos.

5. Videos provide variety. A lot of posts on social media vary in format; some are simply images, some are simply text, and some are videos. Adding another form of social media post will allow you to stand out above the crowd. Though social media platforms aren’t the only outlets for videos, using them on social media can help keep your material fresh and mix up your postings for a more engaged audience. Moreover, a video’s content can be anything from informational and training to graphic communications, so they certainly offer endless possibilities for creativity for the message you want to share.

The benefits of video can’t be matched with other media; video is the digital medium that’s the closest we have to face-to-face interactions. Videos are appealing, effective, and drive in conversion, and Kelly Rose Productions can help you with your storytelling needs.

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