Communicating your company mission through video

Communicating your company mission through video


If you have a company, chances are you have a mission or mission statement. What does your company do? What does it sell? Who does it help? Why are you in business and what are your main goals? Your mission statement IS your company, so you’ll want to make sure each and every customer or professional association that comes through your doors knows exactly what that mission may be. You could print it on an oversized banner and hang it in your lobby, force each of your employees to memorize it or you could step into this century and present your mission with a snazzy piece of video. More and more companies are going this route, and Kelly Rose Productions should be your first call if you and your company are ready to impress.

Why video?

Think about what the Internet was just ten or fifteen short years ago. Facebook was restricted to college students only, people still used file sharing programs like LimeWire and I’ll bet if you looked hard enough you would have still been able to find one of those free AOL installer discs floating around. The biggest changes

since then have been speed and accessibility. Videos took a long time to load or download – everyone remembers RealPlayer’s buffering, right? – and your PC or laptop was pretty much the only place to get online. Now, speeds are lightning quick and every device is connected to the Internet; your cell phone, your game systems, even your refrigerator may now have some type of online connectivity.


Speed and accessibility have brought about the age of online video. Videos are everywhere these days, and it is getting to be that people just expect for websites to have some kind of video content. Americans view billions of videos online each and every month, and that number is growing. More than text, or even photos, videos create a lasting impression with customers and give your company exactly the kind of “face” you want it to have. Using a custom videographer, like Kelly Rose Productions, allows you to not only get your mission statement out in front of customers, but also create any kind of feeling that you want them to get from visiting your website or business. Video doesn’t just leave an impression and conjure up emotions; it can also be the platform by which your whole company is viewed. No matter what business you are in, you could increase your earning power and visibility ten-fold with a simple, smartly produced video stating and explaining your mission statement. Doesn’t that sound worth it?

Need a video? Kelly Rose can help!

If you’re convinced, as you should be, that your company’s mission statement belongs in a professionally-produced video clip, then Kelly Rose can help. In creating all kinds of videos for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Kelly Rose has earned a reputation in Atlanta as one of, if not the best company to go to for just this kind of thing. For more information call her at 678-783-3562.

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