Build Your Team with a Recruitment Video

Using a recruitment video to reach out to potential employees might seem like a gimmicky approach, but the impact and effectiveness of such videos are undeniable.

Broaden Your Exposure

Video has become rapidly popular and valuable over the years. A decade ago, video recruitment efforts probably wouldn’t be advised, but they have so many advantages nowadays. Video, with the emergence and ubiquity of social media, is essentially a necessity for promotion and recruitment at this point.

Video covers a wide reach, increasing your exposure to a wide audience. Unlike reaching out through conventional job postings, career fairs, or other recruitment efforts, video can give the potential employee a great first impression or insight to your company that no other tactic can achieve.

Video’s possibilities and usefulness allow you to set the tone for your business. Though job listings are a great, common way for getting the word out, they don’t make your company stand out in any way. With the visuals and voice-over possibilities of video, you can impress and make an impression on top recruits in your field just by creating a video.

Recruitment videos can establish the culture you want to portray for your company. They make your business seem more appealing with a great work atmosphere that will generate interest, buzz, and appeal for your company.

You can use a recruitment video to highlight a company executive. Video, which is the closest available medium to face-to-face communication, gives the viewer an in-depth look at an individual’s personality, integrity, and visions. Capturing these traits and goals will give the prospect a better idea of why they would want to be a part of your company.

You can take a recruitment video in so many directions—including the simple, modern route or even a comedic approach. The latter example—comedy—holds an ironic take on when low-tech editing is taken seriously; while jabbing at low-budget films might seem like an easy video to produce, the editing process, video quality, and overall outcome still require a great deal of training, apt, and time to get a first-rate end product. To truly produce a high-quality, attractive video, the assistance of a professional digital media producer is advised.

Choose Kelly Rose Productions

If you want to add to your team, a recruitment video is among the best ways to go about it. Don’t know where to start? Let Kelly Rose Productions help you out. We offer professional-quality services that make a difference.

Contact Kelly Rose Productions today at or 678-783-3562. Like us on Facebook and check out our YouTube channel to see our work.

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