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Time Is Money

Training videos are usually designed to guide people through information to help them better perform specific tasks or educate uniformly. Even though employees recognized they are important, they are low in priority because they have the reputation of being boring. Produced Atlanta training videos turn a boring topic into a more lively experience. With the ability to incorporate animation and audio clips employees are more likely to engage than when viewing a PowerPoint or sitting through face-to-face instructions. We know that taking a full day off and pausing work to train isn’t always feasible. With training videos a company can help employees get on board quickly, showcase workplace culture, eliminate inconsistencies, promote autonomy, keep up with the latest industry trends and more.

Benefits of Produced Atlanta Training Videos

  • Lower Costs – Reduces travel, venue, food and planning costs associated with in person training sessions.

  • Increased Performance – Improves productivity by empowering employees. The Association for Talent Development found that on-demand video training for a sales team yielded 50% higher net sales per employee.

  • Convenience and Flexibility – Training videos are self-paced so employees can absorb at their own rate and complete on their time schedule so current work doesn’t suffer.

  • Can be Broken Up – Video can be paused and returned to. Short attention spans may have a hard time focusing and digesting the info all at once. Video accommodates different learning styles.

  • Reduces Travel – Most employees don’t want to travel and leave their families, especially for training. This eliminates the headache and cost of travel and keeps employees happy.

  • Provides Insight – Companies can examine analytics to help them comprehend participant understanding, track attendance and engagement levels and see what your employees understand and don’t to tailor the education program.

  • Always Accessible – Once the “training” is over, training videos allow employees to go back and review whenever they need. It becomes a tool they can search.

  • More Effective – Staff tends to learn more efficiently through visual demonstrations and examples than through traditional methods of reading. 75% of staff respondents agreed that they were more likely to watch a video that thumb through documents, manuals, emails or web articles.

  • Provides a Consistent Message – ensures that everyone is getting the same message no matter where they are or what branch/location they work for.

Kelly Rose Productions is Your Go To

If you are ready to start increasing your business productivity by educating your employees with engaging produced Atlanta training videos then you have come to the right place. Kelly Rose Productions provides solutions to uniquely meet your business goals. Not only is our team skilled in the latest industry techniques, but we possess the creativity to communicate your message with the same passion and energy you have for your company to help motivate your audience. For more information contact Kelly now or call (678) 783-3562.

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