A Trade Show Video Can Help Your Company Stand Out

Trade shows can be described in one word: competitive, which makes blending in effortless; standing out is the hard part. Booths with a trade show video are more effectual in captivating their audience.

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Catch Eyes for Your Enterprise

Trade shows are a whirlwind: a venue wall-to-wall with people; hands and pockets stuffed with flyers, brochures, and free swag; and companies pushing their brand. With the cutthroat nature of trade shows, businesses need to put their best foot forward to rise above the swarm.

One of the more certain ways to get noticed at a trade show is to use a trade show video, and below are a few reasons why.

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1. People love videos. Whether the trade show is B2B or intended for consumers, attendees will be attracted to video. Booths with video catch the attention of a wider audience given the depth they provide. Videos are an informative, attention-grabbing, and dynamic way to captivate trade-show-goers.

2. Videos add more. You might plan to hand out goodies and talk to people—that’s fine, but why count out the possibility of adding another aspect to your booth? Trade show videos lure attendees in with interest, so having a video prepared will help your booth’s appeal.

3. They can be multi-purposed. Through maximizing your trade show appearance by using a video, you are in turn broadening your audience. Your trade show video doesn’t have to be a one-time project; an overview video of your company’s services or its products can be shared on your company’s social media and website. Unlike handouts, videos can be shared with the audience that didn’t attend the event, further spanning the reach of your brand.

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4. Videos display professionalism. Booths with videos give the impression that they were well-prepared for the event, giving the impression of a reliable, priority-minded, and thorough company. At trade shows, first impressions can make or break a booth. A high-quality video production can be the best first impression at a trade show and a reliable way to enrich the initial reaction of a potential customer—since videos don’t change each time they’re played unlike a human-delivered pitch.

5. Video offers deeper insight into your business. Video is an audio-visual multimedium that captures what no other medium can. It can best capture the aspects of your company you’d most like to highlight—for example: a company vision, day-to-day practices, a new product and customer testimonials. Adding prerecorded videos can let visitors to your booth see what couldn’t be brought to the trade show.

Rise to the Top with Kelly Rose Productions

Kelly Rose Productions can bring your booth to life with a trade show video. She offers many services including corporate and commercial videos.

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